Sommelier Collective Awards

Welcome to The Sommelier Collective Awards – the restaurant-driven wine competition that works for sommeliers AND wine producers.

Centered entirely on the needs of sommeliers and the people who supply them, we bring you The Sommelier Collective Awards: a competition that judges the best wines, that are currently on UK wine lists or available for new listings.

And it does it in a way that helps those submitting wines to make the most of their results.

Judged exclusively by members of The Sommelier Collective, the Awards are about bench-marking the best wines in the most important categories – it is open to wines that are already on the list and those producers that are trying to get their wines listed.

But this is not just another competition – at The Sommelier Collective, we believe in going further. As well as scores and tasting notes, the Awards also includes personal recommendations from our members and special service-focused awards for key restaurant areas such as By the Glass and Preservation System.

For producers, brand owners and wineries, The Sommelier Collective Awards is a competition that is affordable, practical – and totally focused on helping good wines get more listings.

For sommeliers it’s about finding the best wines, recommended by the best people with suggestions on how best to use them.

How it works

Starting with categories that are the cornerstone of venues across the country other wine-styles, regions and grape varieties will be announced following consultation with our members.

Entires are invited from importers and producers alike. The tasting will judge wines that are already imported to the UK and those wines that are looking to gain listings and a foothold in the market.


Starting in May 2021, we are currently inviting submissions across the following categories:

Chianti Classicoview resultsAugust, 2021
New Zealand Pinot Noirview resultsNovember, 2021
English Sparkling Wineview resultsNovember, 2021
Rioja Reserva & Gran Reservaview resultsMarch, 2022
Grüner Veltlinerview resultsMarch, 2022
Rosé (still)closedMay, 2022
Non-Vintage & Special Cuvée Champagne (Vintage & NV)24 June, 2022August, 2022
Riesling29 July, 2022October, 2022
Bordeaux29 July, 2022October, 2022
Non-Vintage & Special Cuvée Champagne (Vintage & NV)24 June, 2022August, 2022
Nebbiolo (inc Barolo/Barbaresco)29 July, 2022October, 2022
Australian/South African Chardonnay29 July, 2022November, 2022
Malbec29 July, 2022November, 2022
Tawny/Colheita Port29 July, 2022November, 2022
The Sommelier Collective Awards Categories 2021 – 2022

Chianti Classico Judges at our first Awards tasting in July 2021

The judges and judging process

Judges will be highly qualified members of the Sommelier Collective, and the teams made up only of tasters who have a detailed understanding of the category in question.

All wines will be tasted blind with the Trade Price/DPD (ex VAT) known for each wine and scored out of 100. As with listing a wine in a restaurant, value for money – its ability to overdeliver – will be a key consideration.

Every wine will be tasted by at least two teams to ensure fairness.

The Sommelier Collective Awards Tasting Director, Chris Losh (July 2021)


There are three elements to the results process:

1. A-List Category Awards

  • Best Overall (highest score from judges)
  • By the Glass (style and price are key)
  • Best Value (wine that most over-delivers for its price, not necessarily the cheapest)
  • Best for Group Dining (premium, accessible, crowd-pleasing trade-up, probably in the £10-14 area)
  • Best for Preservation System (individual, high-quality, often more expensive)

2. Points scoring

Each wine submitted will be awarded a points score.

3. Judges’ recommendations and tasting notes

As well as scoring the wines and selecting the above awards, each of our tasters will pick their favourite wine from those they have tasted, and encouraged to say how they’d use it and (of course) why they like it.

This, in other words, is a competition that isn’t just allocating medals, but instead provides lots of different reasons for Sommelier Collective members to be interested in the wines. That’s a major plus-point for producers and wineries submitting their wines.

So how will it help me to sell my wine?

Enter a wine into one of the Sommelier Collective’s A-List tastings and you have four unique selling points:

  1. High scores are an obvious attraction.
  2. Category Award Winner – Our members might be looking for wines to fulfil a specific practical purpose such as By The Glass or Group Dining.
  3. Sommeliers listen to people who they respect. A wine that has been recommended by a peer whose judgment they trust can be a powerful incentive.
  4. They might be attracted to a certain price point or looking for a certain flavour profile or food match suggestion. All of this information is in the results.

The Sommelier Collective Awards is a competition that is all about rewarding and recognising great wines – and providing a myriad different reasons why ambitious restaurants should stock them.

Post event

Every tasting will be backed up by a feature-length review of that category and tasting on the Sommelier Collective website. There will be full results, analysis of stylistic trends and vintages, and feedback from the tasters.

There will be a particular focus on all of the Category Awards winners and our judges’ personal favourites.

The results will be outlined in a press release that goes out across the trade, including to our database of over 500 sommeliers, plus highlight posts to our burgeoning instagram following.

All entrants will be given access to circular result badges featuring their wine’s score. A-List Category Winners can also order certificates for their winning products.

Throughout the year, there will be an ongoing LEADER BOARD of the A-LIST Category Winners which will highlight the best wines. This will be a continually evolving feature of The Sommelier Collective website which accurately refects the top wines that are listed alongside those, that our judges, think shoudl be listed.

So Why Enter ?

The A-List tastings are regular, ongoing series of competitive tastings of wines in specific and essential categories, judged by experts. The catrgories we choose reflect a wine list and how it is used in a restaurant setting to sell and promote wine.

They provide our members with regular benchmarkings of key categories and in-depth analysis.

For submitters they are a constant, affordable means of regularly generating positive feedback and providing practical must-list rationale to a receptive audience.

The Sommelier Collective Awards is a competition that delivers for tasters and submitters alike – and does so throughout the year.

How to enter

Online entry only.

How much does it cost?

£99 per wine (excluding 20%, VAT where applicable);
3 bottles (75cl) of each wine required.

Payment options

Payment details will be provided upon entry (options available: credit card/bank transfer).

Delivery details

Information on when and where to sent your wines will be provided upon entry.

Apply today

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