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The deadline for entry for the Champagne category is: Friday 24 June, 2022. (extended)

Champagne has recovered quickly from Covid, and is ready for a bumper year in the UK on-trade. But competition is fierce, and it’s harder than ever to attract a sommelier’s attention. 

The Sommelier Collective’s Champagne Awards will be the most focused on-trade tasting of Champagnes in the UK. We’ll have teams of top sommeliers tasting and scoring all the wines from a hospitality perspective, looking for value, character and typicity – but also for the best wines to use for By The Glass, Group Dining or in a Preservation System. 

It’s a tasting that’s totally tailored to the needs of the on-trade, and if hospitality is important to your business then you need to be a part of it.

Complete this form for each wine you are entering. If you are entering multiple wines you can email us for an Excel file to complete.




Payment is required in full within 5-7 working days.

Cost £99 per wine (excluding 20% VAT, where applicable)

Invoice details


  • You must send TWO 75cl bottles of this wine for inclusion in the full judging process. Delivery information will be sent to you once you are registered.
  • Wines that are sent from outside the UK are subject to HMRC tax, duty and VAT – these fees must be paid in advance. Failure to pay these in advance will result in the shipment being refused at the warehouse and you will still be charged. Contact your importer or delivery company for details.
  • Deadline for samples to arrive at warehouse is: Friday 24 June, 2022
    Samples received after this time may not be included in the judging session but will still be charged.


The results will announced in August, 2022 and an email will be sent to you in advance of publication with details of your wine. Good luck!


Feel free to contact us if you require further assistance:

“This is not just another competition, at The Sommelier Collective, we believe in going further. As well as scores and tasting notes, the Awards also includes personal recommendations from our members and special service-focused awards for key restaurant areas such as Group Dining, By the Glass and for use in your Preservation System.

For producers, brand owners and wineries, The Sommelier Collective Awards is a competition that is affordable, practical – and totally focused on helping good wines get more listings.

For sommeliers it’s about finding the best wines, recommended by the best people with suggestions on how best to use them.”

Chris Losh, co-founder, The Sommelier Collective Awards.