Sommelier Collective Awards 2022

Full list of award winning wines from The Sommelier Collective Awards.
ScoreProducerWineCategoryImporterTasting note
96BrancaiaChianti Classico 2019Chianti ClassicoEnotria&Coe
Price £17.77
Quite pale, which anticipates the suave, finely perfumed cherry nose. Very elegant and harmonious. Acidity is the leitmotif - vibrant, elegant Chianti.' Mattia Mazzi. 'Floral, fruity, not too intense, delicate and elegant.' Franco Fortunati. 'Classic Chianti colour and nose, with a high acidity and velvety texture. Aromas of tomato paste, dried oregano, dried roses, meat and pepper. Classic Chianti flavours.' Paola Giraldo.
94Il Palagio di PanzanoChianti Classico 2016Chianti ClassicoSeeking UK importer
Price £28.22
Forest floor, cedar wood and plums. A complex nose, but very elegant at the same time. Smooth and well-balanced with a long aftertaste, and very well integrated oak.' Franco Fortunati. 'The most complex, charming and classy of our flight.' Mattia Mazzi. 'Intense and pronounced, with aromas of kirsch, dark cherries, plums and balsamic. Still very young and bright.' Paola Giraldo
92Famiglia ZingarelliRocca delle Macie Tenuta Sant'Alfonso Chianti Classico 2019Chianti ClassicoSeeking UK importer
Price £30.00
Ripe but not cooked fruit, herbal - thyme, oregano, tomato leaf; forest floor, coffee, vanilla - high quality oak. Long, evolving finish with ripe tannins.' Klearhos Kannelakis. 'Dark fruit, hints of cacao and dry flower petals. Dry and spicy with a full-bodied structure. It would match with slow-cooked food.' Lionel Periner. 'Black fruit with hints of black pepper and spices - good concentration on the palate.' Fernando Cubas
91CasalosteChianti Classico 2018Chianti ClassicoLaytons
Price £14.55
Nice expressive red fruit - cherries, strawberries and tomato leaf. New French oak, with lavender, juniper and polished tannins.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Pronounced and complex, fruity, spicy and seductive with black cherries and roses. Very defined fruit, acidity and tannins.' 'Plump fruit, warm, gentle and approachable.' Mattia Mazzi.
91Conti CapponiVilla Calcinaia Chianti Classico 2018Chianti ClassicoCava Spiliadis
Price £14.50
A touch of liquorice syrup, blueberries, cinnamon, cloves and cedar. A great expression of age and balance.' Konstantinos Nestoridis. 'Moreish cherries, elegant and intense, the fruit is well-defined. A very well thought-out wine. It's a step up in concentration, colour and aromatic intensity.' Mattia Mazzi. 'Very fresh and smooth with a long length. It would be lovely to pair this with a beef tartare.' Stefano Barbarino.
91RuffinoSantedame Estate Chianti Classico 2015Chianti ClassicoBibendum
Price £16.85
A lot of earthy notes and pungent spices, such as black pepper and tobacco, but fresh on the palate and very well balanced. Would like to pair this with a loin of lamb.' Stefano Barbarino. 'Open and complex. Cherries and dark berries with lightly toasted bread and hints of pot pourri. Nicely aged Chianti.' Lionel Periner. 'Gentle and well-balanced between acidity, tannin and fruit. Silky.' Fernando Cubas
91Rocca di MontegrossiChianti Classico 2018Chianti ClassicoFlint Wines
Price £13.50
Pronounced on the nose, with ripe strawberries, cherries and earthy notes with a hint of vanilla and spices. Rich, but not harsh tannins. Complex, with well-defined flavours.' Paola Giraldo. 'A dry, 'vertical' Chianti. A fine balance of nerves and fibre, length and intensity with purity of flavours.' Mattia Mazzi. 'Black fruit, plums and balsamic notes, this is very clean and balanced. Great to pair with food such as pork and pasta.' Franco Fortunati
90RiecineChianti Classico 2019Chianti ClassicoAlliance Wines
Price £18.49
A very elegant young Classico. Approachable now, but with concentration and complexity. Pure, modern, top tier.' Mattia Mazzi. 'Great aromatic character of black cherries and black tea with violets and raspberries on the palate. Good complexity.' Konstantinos Nestoridis. 'Ripe on the nose, with crunchiness on the palate. Clean, gentle and lively. Youthful, but with lots of potential.' Stefano Barbarino
90Tenuta di ArcenoChianti Classico 2019Chianti ClassicoOenofuture/Jackson Family Wines
Price £15.00
The nose is open, with dark cherries, dark fruit, plum, light spices and a hint of bitter cacao. Harmonious, dry and elegant with great structure.' Lionel Periner. 'Dark fruit and sweet spices - vanilla, cloves and pine.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Ripe red plum fruit on the palate. Concentrated, with grainy tannins.' Fernando Cubas. '
89FonterutoliChianti Classico 2018Chianti ClassicoMMD
Price £13.15
Dry fresh berries, with a hint of spices and fresh oregano with some saline notes. Very Mediterranean.' Paola Giraldo. 'Cranberries, strawberries and cherries with hints of liquorice. Would pair well with a duck breast.' Stefano Barbarino
89BanfiChianti Classico 2017Chianti ClassicoLouis Latour
Price £13.08
Kirsch, dark cherries and strawberries. In a good way, it's not too complex - good balance, juicy and easy to drink.' Franco Fortunati. 'Violets, wooden box and red fruit. It shows off the region and the grape really well.' Konstantinos Nestoridis
89Mannucci DroandiCeppeto Chianti Classico 2018Chianti ClassicoFlint Wines
Price £11.50
Beautiful nose of black cherries, lavender and pine herbs. Savoury and sweet red fruit palate with silky tannins.' Fernando Cubas. 'Cherries, balsamic and a leather note with violets. Very enjoyable. Would work well by the glass.' Franco Fortunati.
89Lamole di LamoleChianti Classico 2018Chianti ClassicoAlivini
Price £18.00
Red fruit, floral aromas with bitter chocolate and thyme. Textured tannins and good length.' Fernando Cubas. 'Herbal, with a hint of sweet spice and white chocolate. Crunchy fruit on the palate. Easy drinking.' Stefano Barbarino.
89Quercia al PoggioChianti Classico 2019Chianti ClassicoSeeking UK importer
Price £12.46
Classic fine Chianti aromas - red plum compote, flowers, a hint of freshly ground black pepper, mocha and slight smokiness.' Lionel Periner. 'Ripe and juicy on the nose, with red plums and cherries. Very approachable.' Stefano Barbarino.
87Fattorie MeliniGranaio Chianti Classico 2018Chianti ClassicoBibendum
Price £9.00
Black plums, rosemary and rose petals on the nose and spicy red cherries on the palate.' Konstantinos Nestoridis. 'Lovely aromas. Dark cherry fruit, with a hint of gentle spice and dry herbs. Full bodied with dry, full tannins.' Lionel Periner
87Tenuta CarobbioChianti Classico 2016Chianti ClassicoSeeking UK importer
Price £12.10
Dark fruit, plums and balsamic. Good to drink by itself or with pasta dishes. Easy drinking.' Franco Fortunati. 'Red fruits, sour cherries and herbs. Dry, high tannins on the palate.' Paola Giraldo.
87BorratellaChianti Classico 2017Chianti ClassicoSeeking UK importer
Price £12.45
Fine herbal nose and a cherry palate with silky tannins.' Fernando Cubas. 'Simple wine, though with great vibrant fruit and nice freshness. Friendly.' Lionel Periner.
85CecchiVilla Cerna Primocolle Chianti Classico 2017Chianti ClassicoVinexus
Price £7.90
Red plums, berries and some floral character. Open and fruity, but quite light.' Lionel Periner. 'Ripe fruit, but also quite herbaceous. Dry tannins show its youth.' Stefano Barbarino.
96CasalosteChianti Classico Riserva 2017Chianti Classico RiservaLaytons
Price £23.00
Dark berries, red fruit and orange peel, with meaty hints. Dry, but with a velvet texture - the tannins are dry, but well integrated.' Lionel Periner. 'Fruity, but with a herbal, leafy meatiness. Would pair really well with bolognese.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Very complex and seductive, rich and flavourful. Perfect for lamb cutlets and grilled parmigiana.' Paola Giraldo.
94Famiglia ZingarelliRocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Riserva 2018Chianti Classico RiservaSeeking UK importer
Intense, with ripe fruit, herbal tones, a chalky minerality and some earthiness. Long, complex and high quality.' Klearhos Kannelakis. 'Earth, mushrooms, liquorice and a hint of blueberries. Savoury palate, with a hint of pepper and a stony minerality.' Stefano Barbarino. 'Fresh cut herbs, well adapted tannins and good balance.' Fernando Cubas.
92Castellare di CastellinaChianti Classico Riserva 2018Chianti Classico RiservaBibendum
Price £20.19
Intense cherries, roses and an almost seaweed salad aroma - herbal with a hint of minerality. Complex, and very interesting.' Paola Giraldo. 'Cassis, black pepper and thyme, with hints of blueberry jam. Silky tannins with a balsamic finish.' Fernando Cubas. 'Elegant aromas with smooth texture and velvety tannins.' Lionel Periner.
92BrancaiaChianti Classico Riserva 2017Chianti Classico RiservaEnotria&Coe
Price £26.15
Cedar, prunes, nutmeg, wet stones, liquorice and pepper. It's like a tomato-based Roman sauce! Huge potential.' Paola Giraldo. 'Wild strawberries and rosemary, with well-balanced acidity and tannins.' Fernando Cubas. 'A lot of floral violet notes on the nose, with ripe red and blue fruits and sweet oaky spice. Rich, but really drinkable. Great for pork chop with borlotti beans and a red wine sauce!' Stefano Barbarino.
92FrescobaldiTenuta Perano Chianti Classico Riserva 2017Chianti Classico RiservaHallgarten&Novum Wines
Price £28.19
Tobacco, leather, baked fruit, wooden floor and sweet spices. Fruity, smooth and elegant.' Franco Fortunati. 'Cranberries, orange, silky oak - elegant and smooth with a hint of kirsch.' Lionel Periner. 'Sweet and sour on the palate - almost like Amarone.' Stefano Barbarino.
92Il Palagio di PanzanoChianti Classico Riserva 2016Chianti Classico RiservaSeeking UK importer
Price £28.20
Very herbaceous with lots of pungent spices. Intense, with a long, spicy finish.' Stefano Barbarino. 'Kirsch, cherry, violets, leather and sweet spicy notes. Well integrated oak, with a long finish. Would work well in a Coravin.' Franco Fortunati. 'Tangible fruit, but multi-dimensional. Warm and firm. Developing nicely.' Mattia Mazzi.
91CarobbioChianti Classico Riserva 2015Chianti Classico RiservaSeeking UK importer
Price £18.52
Cherries, orange peel and flowers. Full-bodied palate with coffee and toasted bread, but an elegant finish.' Lionel Periner. 'Blueberries, morello cherries and sweet spices, with hints of tea. Vibrant.' Konstantinos Nestoridis. 'Cinnamon, cloves, coffee, black fruit and violets. Would pair well with pasta dishes or mushroom risotto.' Franco Fortunati.
90BorratellaChianti Classico Riserva 2017Chianti Classico RiservaSeeking UK importer
Price £17.31
Redcurrant and roses with sour cherries and sweet spices. Quite high acidity.' Paola Giraldo. 'Ripe fruit, soya and ink. Earthy tobacco. Long finish.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Herbs, game and red fruit on the palate with very fine tannins.' Fernando Cubas.
90CecchiVilla Cerna Chianti Classico 2016Chianti Classico RiservaVinexus
Price £14.70
Ripe red fruits. Smoky and toasty - elegant on the palate, with a beautiful stony finish.' Stefano Barbarino. 'Fresh raspberries with a hint of saltiness. Very fresh and vibrant.' Paola Giraldo. 'Cassis and pencil lead with hints of balsamic. Seductive tannins.' Fernando Cubas.
90Fattorie MeliniVigneti La Selvanella Chianti Classico Riserva 2015Chianti Classico RiservaBibendum
Price £12.55
Smoky and meaty on the nose. Blackberries and dark plums with a spicy background.' Stefano Barbarino. 'Not pretentious, but well-made and assertive at a great price point.' Konstantinos Nestoridis. 'Dark fruit and cranberries. Finish is elegant, but a bit short.' Lionel Periner.
89Mannucci DroandiCeppeto Chianti Classico Riserva 2017Chianti Classico RiservaFlint Wines
Price £11.50
Elegant aromas of red fruit and sour cherries. Well defined, with fresh acidity. Would work by the glass.' Paola Giraldo. 'Gentle fruit, textured tannins and fresh herbs.' Fernando Cubas.
88Lamole di LamoleChianti Classico Riserva 2017Chianti Classico RiservaAlivini
Price £21.00
Orange peel, forests and crunchy red fruit. Dry palate with smooth tannin.' Lionel Periner. 'Well balanced and well integrated.' Fernando Cubas. 'Lean and green.' Mattia Mazzi.
88Tenuta di ArcenoChianti Classico Riserva 2018Chianti Classico RiservaOenofuture/Jackson Family Wines
Price £20.00
Mushroom, leather, tobacco, but doesn't develop too well on the palate.' Franco Fortunati. 'Cassis and Indian spices. Grippy tannins.' Fernando Cubas.
96RuffinoRiserva Ducale Oro Chianti Classico Riserva 2016 Gran SelezioneChianti Classico Gran SelezioneBibendum
Price £28.06
Cassis, strawberry and raspberry jam with pleasant use of oak that's well integrated. Smooth tannins and elegant.' Franco Fortunati. 'Well balanced and complex. Fruit, herbs, earth, cinnamon and smoky oak. Harmonious.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Ripe and fruity, with balsamic and liquorice notes. Saline, savoury and meaty on the palate.' Paola Giraldo.
95Castello di FonterutoliGran Selezione 2016Chianti Classico Gran SelezioneMMD
Price £30.66
Red and dark berries, cooked blueberries and flowers. A creamy texture, with high tannins. Full-bodied, but the tannins, fruit and acidity are balanced.' Paola Giraldo. 'Seductive and extrovert. Pretty, forward sweet red fruits. An artwork. I love this take on GS.' Mattia Mazzi. 'Leather, tobacco and earthy.' Franco Fortunati.
92Rocca di MontegrossiVigneto San Marcellino Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2015Chianti Classico Gran SelezioneFlint Wines
Price £28.00
Ripe, dense, slightly woody and herbal.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Tangy and dry, with quite intense vigour. Tobacco, gravelly flowers and minerality.' Paola Giraldo. 'This wine is true to its place and coherent to its appellation. Extremely well made.' Mattia Mazzi.
91Quercia al PoggioVigna le Cataste Gran Selezione 2016Chianti Classico Gran SelezioneArmit
Price £27.00
Blueberries and cigar box, with cinnamon, vanilla and firm tannins - would work well in a Coravin.' Konstantinos Nestoridis. 'Baked plums, and black fruit, balsamic notes, cedar wood, cinnamon and cloves.' Franco Fortunati. 'Nice fruit and richness, though the tannins cut in on the finish.' Paola Giraldo.
89Tenuta Di ArcenoStrada al Sasso Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2016Chianti Classico Gran SelezioneOenofuture/Jackson Family Wines
Price £28.00
Cassis, blackberries and herbs on the nose, but delivers less on the palate.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Fruit and roses on the nose with a hint of nutmeg and pepper. High acidity on the palate - this is still young.' Paola Giraldo.
88Rocca delle MacieRiserva di Fizzano Gran Selezione 2018Chianti Classico Gran SelezioneSeeking UK importer
Price £60.00
Wild, spiced and polished. Definitely made to impress, with cutting-edge winemaking. Attractive and polished.' Mattia Mazzi. 'Still vigorous on the nose, and it needs to soften. But definitely complex, with ripe cherries, minerality and some earthy notes.' Paola Giraldo.
88Lamole di LamoleVigneto di Campolungo Chianti Classico DOCG Gran Selezione 2016Chianti Classico Gran SelezioneAlivini
Price £35.00
Floral and ripe-fruited, though still quite tannic.' Klearhos Kanellakis. 'Sandalwood and vanilla. Smooth and elegant.' Franco Fortunati. 'Plumper fruit, coarser tannin. Masculine and muscular.' Mattia Mazzi.
95Seresin EstateRaupo Creek Pinot Noir 2015, MarlboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirEnotria & Coe
Price £25.14
Pretty nose with bright fruit, and well balanced.' GM; 'Dark ripe fruits, but farmyard, oak and earthy leaves behind.' KK; 'Strawberries, crushed cranberries, red apples and a floral note of roses and violets. Lovely balance and a long finish.' EP; 'Cherry cola and anise. The fruit is persistent and substantial with fine-boned tannins. Very classy.' JC
94Carrick WineryBannockburn Pinot Noir 2018, Central OtagoNew Zealand Pinot NoirEnotria & Coe
Price £27.29
Red fruit, roses and meaty. Great balance, with a long, delicate finish.' RT; 'Cherries, plums, vanilla and nutmeg. Rich and complex Pinot.' CG; 'Red berries, orange bitters and rose petals with mineral nuances.' EP
93Nga WakaLease Block Pinot Noir 2018, MartinboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirJeroboams
Price £21.05
Beautiful fruit; floral with a hint of earthiness.' RT; 'Lots of sour cherries and redcurrants. There's good grip here. Wormwood and integrated spice.' AI; 'Red cherries and wood oil. Classic and well-defined. Lean and crisp.' JC
92Te KanoPinot Noir 2018, Central OtagoNew Zealand Pinot NoirDavy's Wine Merchants
Price £23.1
Crunchy ripe fruit, intense and complex. Earth, green tobacco and fresh leather creep up on the finish. Well integrated.' CG; 'High-toned fruit, with earthy notes of black olives and a slightly bloody character.' EP; 'Bright and linear. Floral, with sour cherry, plum skin, woody spices and liquorice.' AI
90Rapaura SpringsSouthbrook Vineyard Pinot Noir 2019, MarlboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirMaison Marques et Domaines
Price £14.02
Bright vibrant nose with no shortage of fresh red cherry fruit. Tannins are succulent and neatly prop up the fruit. Outstanding.' JC; 'Dry, but really good balance between the fruit and the oak, with good concentration.' KK; 'Strawberries and red plums on the nose, merging into cranberry and sour cherry on the palate. Slight oak evidence, but balanced.' EP
90Pegasus BayMain Divide Pinot Noir 2018, Waipara ValleyNew Zealand Pinot NoirNew Generation Wine
Price £14.18
Fragrant, meaty and fresh, with subtle dark spice and an oaky finish,' RT; 'Rose petals and cola - a heady, intensely aromatic wine. Ultra savoury, sinuous palate with soft, powdery tannins. Intriguing.' JC; 'Bright fruit, well-balanced and (in a good way) not overly complex.' GM
90Pyramid ValleyPinot Noir 2018, Central OtagoNew Zealand Pinot NoirLouis Latour
Price £19.96
Garden berries, wet stone and Asian spices.' AI; 'Nice freshness. Youthful, ripe, balanced and long.' KK; 'Strawberries and roses. Light bodied, but nice flavour profile.' EP
89Zephyr WinesPinot Noir 2019, MarlboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirAlliance Wine
Price £14.02
Clean, bright palate with good fruit, a touch of earthiness and tight, firm tannins. Long finish.' GM; Concentrated red fruits - cherries and cranberries - but also slightly meaty and gamey on the palate. Fresh and fragrant.' CCB
89Nga WakaPinot Noir 2018, MartinboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirJeroboams
Price £18.08
Good purity of fruits, then fragrant and spicy - frankincense. Long finish but slighly hot.' AI; 'Good fruit concentration, but quite sophisticated and restrained.' HB
89Pyramid ValleyPinot Noir 2018, North CanterburyNew Zealand Pinot NoirLouis Latour
Price £19.96
Good purity here, with lots of crushed cranberry and raspberry backed up with leather and a touch of sweat. Elegant.' AI; 'Fresh roses and ripe cherries, with a slightly funky unfiltered note.' CG
89AkituA2 Pinot Noir 2018, Wanaka, Central OtagoNew Zealand Pinot NoirMentzendorff
Price £17.72
Cranberries, tomato skins and cherries. There's oak, but it's well integrated. Crunchy texture.' CCB; 'Juicy ripe fruit, smooth and unctuous - a good all-rounder.' CG
88Huia VineyardsPinot Noir 2016, MarlboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirFlint Wines
Price £15.98
Red cherries and crushed strawberries on the nose with a hint of new oak - vanilla and coconut. Firm tannins.' EP; 'Strawberry and tomato leaf with a savoury kick. Quite Grenache-like, almost.' JC
88Seresin EstateLeah Pinot Noir 2017, MarlboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirEnotria & Coe
Price £15.95
Tart, small-berry nose, with a compelling, chewy character.' JC; 'Interesting nose of red fruits, herbs, leather and tobacco. Fresh, fun and vibrant.' CCB
88Kelly Washington WinesPinot Noir 2018, Central OtagoNew Zealand Pinot NoirJeroboams
Price £23.85
Plums, cherries and blackcurrant leaf. Quite concentrated.' CG; 'Good fruit, but rather one-dimensional.' RT
87Seresin EstateRachel Pinot Noir 2016, MarlboroughNew Zealand Pinot NoirEnotria & Coe
Price £20.73
Juicy cranberries, but also a umami character coming through on the palate. Well structured and sophisticated with good length. Layered.' HB; 'Big nose, ripe. It's quite oaked, but there's good concentration.' GM
84Kumeu RiverVillage Pinot Noir 2020, KumeuNew Zealand Pinot NoirNew Generation Wine
Price £9.63
Tart red fruit with crunch acidity. Quite simple, but remarkable for the money.' JC; 'Perfumed nose, light and fresh with crunchy berries. Easy drinker.' GM
84LoveblockPinot Noir 2020, Central OtagoNew Zealand Pinot NoirGraft Wine Company
Price £13.75
Ripe red fruit, but slightly green tannins on the finish.' KK; 'Bright cherries and strawberries, but super spicy - cloves and cardamoms - and high acidity.' CCB
96Digby Fine EnglishVintage Reserve Brut 2013Great British Sparkling WineArmit Wines
Price £27.00
White flowers, saline and citrus - I adore the oxidative style of this wine, with oak hemmed in by tense citrus fruit.' Joshua Castle; 'Yeasty and savoury, but balanced with fruit. Long finish - this would work well with food.' Guillaume Mahaut; 'Yeasty and creamy, like a lemon almond croissant! Rich and concentrated.' Chris Goodale.
95Hambledon VineyardPremiere Cuvee NV, HampshireGreat British Sparkling WineMentzendorff
Price £20.00
Ripe stonefruit, grapefruit and citrus with creamy mousse. Complex and balanced.' Klearhos Kanellakis; 'Apples, lemon, toast and almond blossom. Fine-beaded, persistent and balanced.' Emanuel Pesqueira; 'Good balance of old vintage notes. A complex, powerful palate, but balanced.' Guillaume Mahaut.
93Digby Fine EnglishNon Vintage BrutGreat British Sparkling WineArmit Wines
Price £23.50
Loads of red apple, croissant and citrus. Bright acidity and bright, tiny bubbles. A classic - and great value.' Andres Ituarte; 'Lemon curd, brioche, apple and spice. Good for by the glass.' Chris Goodale; 'Great open nose of cranberries and strawberries. This is good value.' Harry Ballman.
92GusbourneBlanc de Blancs 2016, KentGreat British Sparkling WineGusbourne
Price £31.50
Chalky nose with bright, green and citrus fruit. It's delicate and yeasty, but good. Complex.' Guillaume Mahaut; 'Fresh orchard fruits, melon and spice with a creamy finish.' Chris Goodale; 'Lemon meringue, with a delicate bready character. Good freshness.' Raphael Thierry.
92RidgeviewBlanc de Blancs 2016, SussexGreat British Sparkling WineBibendum
Price £40.00
Fresh apples and apple blossom, with a ripe, round palate and bright acidity.' KK; 'Great brioche nose, with stone fruit and lemony complexity. High quality fruit.' MR; 'Bright, pure, zesty honey and apples with breezy lemony acidity.' CL
92Breaky BottomCuvée Michelle Moreau Brut 2014, SussexGreat British Sparkling WineCorney & Barrow
Price £29.96
Subtle stoney aromas. The palate is stern and serious. A lean, classic style.' Joshua Castle; 'Fresh and intense lemon character. Focused wine, creamy and balanced with an elegant yeasty character.' Raphael Thierry; 'Tart, but in a good way, with lots of yeasty notes. White fruits and a long perfumed finish.' Andres Ituarte.
91Roebuck EstatesClassic Cuvée 2014, SussexGreat British Sparkling WineRoebuck Estates
Price £20.83
Really pretty nose. I love the subtle orchard fruit and citrus characters! Palate is delicious too - creamy and yeasty. Really lovely wine.' Charles Carron Brown; 'Delicate lemon flavours, round and creamy with good balance.' Guillaume Mahaut; 'Subtle nose, but the palate delivers - fleshy stone fruit.' Joshua Castle.
91Roebuck EstatesBlanc de Noirs 2015, SussexGreat British Sparkling WineRoebuck Estates
Price £24.95
Red berry fruit with tart lemon/lime citrus and mineral on the palate.' Chris Goodale; 'Lemon curd and melon. Intense fruit. Creamy and winey with a refreshing finish.' Raphael Thierry; 'Red berry nose with a fruity palate - this is complex, balanced and long.' Guillaume Mahaut.
91Roebuck EstatesRosé de Noirs 2016, SussexGreat British Sparkling WineRoebuck Estates
Price £22.50
Raspberries, strawberries and cream and a touch of salt. Elegant and very good.' Andres Ituarte; 'Tart, fresh and good intensity. Lovely wine.' Chris Goodale; 'Dark cherry, red apple and nectarines. Vibrant and well-balanced.' Emanuel Pesqueira.
90The GrangeClassic NV, HampshireGreat British Sparkling WineThe Grange
Price £20.24
Stony nose with some subtle yellow fruit. A reductive style, but tense and dry with a lovely chalky texture.' Joshua Castle; 'Lovely balance, with plenty of fresh orchard fruits. Lively and exciting - a great aperitif wine.' Charles Carron Brown; 'Citrus, stonefruit, raspberries and cherries. Long length. Complex andn well-balanced.' Klearhos Kanellakis.
90Lyme Bay WineryBlanc de Blancs 2016Great British Sparkling WineLyme Bay Winery
Price £18.30
Peach, melon and nuts with zippy acidity.' Andres Ituarte; 'Quite simple, but fresh and fruity.' Raphael Thierry; 'Lovely fruits and good complexity for the money.' Guillaume Mahaut.
90Bolney Wine EstateBlanc de Blancs 2017, West SussexGreat British Sparkling WineBolney Wine Estate
Price £30.99
Toasty brioche and orchard fruits. Very showy and aromatic. An open and relaxed style.' Joshua Castle; 'Bruised tree fruits and yeasty notes, with hints of white flowers. Classic Blanc de Blanc.' Andres Ituarte; 'Pineapple and exotic stone fruit; lees and oak. Quite developed.' Harry Ballman.
90Hambledon VineyardClassic Cuvee Rose NV, HampshireGreat British Sparkling WineMentzendorff
Price £30.00
Red apple, spices, mushroom and white strawberry. Complex and different, but with excellent balance.' Emanuel Pesqueira; 'Pure red fruits and bready notes. Rich and rustic with a long, grippy finish. Needs food, ideally.' Andres Ituarte; 'Wow! There's a lot here. Red cherries, rhubarb, raspberry and floral notes. Persistent and lively. Exciting wine!' Charles Carron Brown.
90Biddenden VineyardsSparkling Ortega Demi-Sec 2019, KentGreat British Sparkling WineBiddenden Vineyards
Price £13.76
Beautiful elderflower character - the sweet aromatic flavours are balanced with the freshness and bubbles. This could work very well with food.' Raphael Thierry; 'This wine has real personality and pizzaz. Something different that could work wonderfully with the right dessert.' Andres Ituarte. 'Fruity, floral, tropical and sweet.' Klearhos Kanellakis;
89RidgeviewBloomsbury NV, SussexGreat British Sparkling WineBibendum
Price £17.90
Lime, green apples and peaches with a vinous finish. Flinty, fruity and mineral, this is quite complex for the price.' KK; 'Pretty nose, with fine mousse and a dry finish.' MR,
89The Althorne EstateHigh House Classic Cuvee 2019, EssexGreat British Sparkling WineAlthorne Estate
Price £20.00
Fruity, floral and perfumed. Pretty nose with a fine mousse and some complexity.' Guillaume Mahaut; 'Lovely nose of rose petals, tulips and wild strawberries. Racy palate.' Charles Carron Brown; 'Red fruit, citrus and a lot of lees on the palate.' Klearhos Kanellakis.
87All AngelsClassic Cuvée Long Aged on Lees 2014, BerkshireGreat British Sparkling WineAlliance Wine
Price £29.21
Smoky, savoury - not the most complex wine, but ok.' Harry Ballman; 'Tart, green apple nose, with a fleshier mouthfeel than expected on the palate. Finish rather short.' Joshua Castle.
87Divergent DrinksFitz Sparkling Brut NVGreat British Sparkling WineBibendum Price
Lemon, white peach, apple and green pear with balanced acidity. Simple, but well made.' Emanuel Pesqueira; 'White melon and nectarine. High acid, but not volatile.' Andres Ituarte
87Lyme Bay WinerySparkling Rosé NVGreat British Sparkling WineLyme Bay Winery
Price £17.45
Floral, with sweet red fruits like pink grapefruit and rhubarb. Fit for purpose.' Charles Carron Brown; 'Red fruit and flowers with a fragrant bitterness on the finish.' Raphael Thierry.
87All AngelsClassic Cuvée Sparkling Rosé 2014, BerkshireGreat British Sparkling WineAlliance Wine
Price £29.21
Cranberries, strawberries and rose petals. Well-integrated wild flower aromas.'Tart and mineral with a good intensity and a decent finish.' Chris Goodale.
86Hambledon VineyardClassic Cuvee NV, HampshireGreat British Sparkling WineMentzendorff
Price £18.00
Rich, honeyed nose, but slightly unbalanced acidity.' Harry Ballman; 'Bruised fruits, with a sharp, green palate.' Guillaume Mahaut.
86The Althorne EstateHigh House Sparkling Rose 2019, EssexGreat British Sparkling WineAlthorne Estate
Price £22.00
Cherry compote and creamy mousse. Rich - better with food.' Andres Ituarte; 'Almost a sherbet aroma of very ripe red fruits.' Charles Carron Brown
85Lyme Bay WineryClassic Cuvée 2016Great British Sparkling WineLyme Bay Winery
Price £17.45
Green apples, citrus and brioche. Quite high dosage but a refreshing, fruity finish.' Klearhos Kanellakis; 'Ample fruit, but rather clipped on the palate.' Joshua Castle.
85The GrangePink NV, HampshireGreat British Sparkling WineThe Grange
Price £21.43
Garden berries, cream and green apple, but unbalanced acids on the finish.' Andres Ituarte; 'Cranberries and pink grapefruit, with a slight bitterness on the palate.' Emanuel Pesqueira.
84Mountfield WineryClassic Cuvée NV, SussexGreat British Sparkling WineTop Selection
Price £22.31
Very fresh, vibrant fruit.' Charles Carron Brown; 'Grapefruit and green apples. Steely.' Emanuel Pesqueira.
96La Rioja Alta904 2011Rioja Gran ReservaArmit Wines
Price £37.50
Perfumed savoury notes with charming dry plum aromas and fine tannins. Elegant.' ALM; 'Rose petal and poppy flowers with tertiary notes. Drinking beautifully now. Perfect for a preservation system.' AG; 'Classical refined Rioja. Prunes, integrated oak and finely developed. Great freshness and will mature further too.' MR
92Bodegas OndarreRioja Gran Reserva 2015Rioja Gran ReservaHallgarten & Novum
Price £13.03
Rich blackberry and mint, with spice and fruit coming together on the palate.' MR; 'Chocolate and coffee with ripe berries. The tannin is high, but integrated.' JvH; 'Perfumed cherry, balsamic and tobacco leaf. Complex, with a long finish.' ALM
92Marques de CaceresExcellens Gran Reserva 2014Rioja Gran ReservaRDM Wines
Price £16.87
Luxurious nose of jam, plums and tobacco; strawberries and spice on the palate.' MR; 'Cedar, leather and black pepper, it has spicy blackcurrant leaf on the palate with a long finish.' MS; 'Dark fruit - cherries, dates and figs. The oak is present but integrated.' JvH
92Bodegas de La Marquesa ValserranoValserrano Gran Reserva 2015Rioja Gran ReservaDavy's Wine Merchants
Price £23.43
Strawberries, cherries and plums with some herbal medicinal notes. Well balanced.' MS; 'Cherries, green tea and bitter chocolate. Oak still quite intense.' ALM; 'Graphite and cocoa with a subtle chocolatey mid palate.' MR
92Marqués de MurrietaGran Reserva 2015Rioja Gran ReservaMMD
Price £28.42
Minty, stony nose with olives on the mid0palate. Juicy and fresh, with a long, fine-tannined finish.' MR; 'Ripe, candied red fruits with sweet spice and vanilla. Quite full-bodied.' JvH; 'Strawberries and black plums with a hint of cedar and toast. Soft tannins.' MS
92C.V.N.EImperial Gran Reserva 2012Rioja Gran ReservaHatch Mansfield
Price £33.58
Traditional Gran Reserva - plenty of mushroom and damp cellar notes along with smoke and savoury red fruit. Clean and elegant. Gorgeous.' MM; 'Red/black fruit with layers of mint, eucalyptus and baking spices. Great length.' BB; 'Concentrated cranberry and loganberry fruit with delicate hints of meat, herbs and black tea. Would work well in a preservation system.' RM
91Bodegas BilbainasVina Pomal Rioja Gran Reserva 2012Rioja Gran ReservaCodorniu UK
Price £16.05
Savoury, dusty and meaty with mature fruit, but the palate is still quite vibrant.' MM; 'Heady, decadent nose, spicy and approachable with a well-integrated palate.' JC; 'Rose petals and cranberries, but well-rounded.' MW
90Bodegas OlarraDehesa De Gazania Gran Reserva 2011Rioja Gran ReservaMajestic Wines
Price £9.28
Leather, baked fruit, strawberries, plums and cherries, with good balance.' MS; 'Tobacco and red fruit. Rounded, with smooth tannins and great acidity.' MR; 'Tobacco, balsamic and bitter chocolate with an elegant finish.' ALM
90Bodegas OlarraLaztana 2011Rioja Gran ReservaJascots
Price £9.47
Strawberry and plum compote. This is simple, but fresh with a good finish.' BB; 'Juicy fruit with hints of liquorice and meat. Fine tannins. This is great value.' RM; 'Dried fruits and savoury sous-bois, but the palate is still expressive. Well made.' MM
89Ramón BilbaoRioja Gran Reserva 2012Rioja Gran ReservaEnotria&Coe
Price £20.67
Ripe, jammy red and black fruit with baking spices. Fresh, but complex. Good quality.' BB; 'Concentrated purple fruit and bitter chocolate. Some alcohol, but the finish is long.' JC
89La Rioja AltaViña Arana 2014Rioja Gran ReservaArmit Wines
Price £25.00
Subtle, fragrant nose with a lovely balance between wood oil, spice, dried leaves and fresh cherries. Ample complexity and will age further.' JC; 'Oxidative nose - coconut, dill and milk chocolate but the wine is still vibrant and elegant.' MM
96Viña SalcedaConde de la Salceda Reserva 2017Rioja ReservaSeeking importer
Price £38.00
Really charming nose of redcurrants and red cherries with a touch of cloves. Great concentration on the palate, but also softness. Outstanding wine.' AG; 'Lots of fruit, coffee, vanilla, meat and licorice but well integrated. Very polished.' JvH; 'Juicy cherry notes, with intense sweetness and firm tannins. Cedar, tobacco chocolate. Great complexity.' ALM
94Ortega EzquerroOrtega Ezquerro Reserva DOC Rioja 2015Rioja ReservaJeroboams Trade
Price £15.00
Tertiary, savoury aromas with a spicy structure. Clear character, and original stylistically.' MR; 'High intensity on the nose, with strawberries, grenadine and red peppers. Good acidity.' AG; 'Cherries, vanilla and cloves with a fresh palate.' JvH
94Bodegas Luis CanasLuis Canas Reserva 2015Rioja ReservaAlliance Wine
Price £15.74
Discreet nose, with red and black fruits and a long finish. Really enjoyable.' AG; 'A bit of a sweet-shop aroma, but this is very well balanced. An easy-drinking food wine.' MR; 'Balsamic, medicinal nose with prunes, strawberries and black cherry. Meaty and cedary with a long finish.' MS
94La Rioja AltaViña Ardanza 2015Rioja ReservaArmit Wines
Price £21.50
Really expressive and enjoyable nose. This combines fruit with tertiary notes really well!' AG; 'Blueberries, blackberries, liquorice and tobacco, this is really well balanced, with a long finish. Would be good in a preservation system.' MS; 'Well matured, well made and well structured!' MS
94Viña SalcedaViña Salceda Reserva 2017Rioja ReservaSeeking importer
Price £21.99
Plums and green tobacco-leaf notes with firm tannins. A complex, elegant finish.' ALM; 'Strawberries, tobacco and cedar, but slightly green tannins for me.' MS; 'Strawberry coulis, cranberries and lots of fresh fruit. Complex and well-balanced.' JvH
93Bodegas ZugoberBelezos Rioja Reserva 2016Rioja ReservaCorney & Barrow
Price £13.19
Perfumed, juicy red and black berries with sweet spices and light savoury notes. Great complexity - this would be good for Group Dining.' ALM; 'Red cherries, blueberries and roses. This is intense, but fresh.' MS; 'Leather, star anise, strawberries and dill with refreshing acidity.' MR
93BeroniaBeronia Reserva 198 Barricas 2011Rioja ReservaGonzalez Byass
Price £14.42
Balsamic nose with black pepper, strawberries, vanilla and cherries. Long finish.' MS; 'Black cherries with intense savoury notes and firm tannins.' ALM; 'Graphite, tobacco and garrigue. Savoury and refreshing.' MR
92Marqués de MurrietaReserva 2017Rioja ReservaMMD
Price £14.83
Brooding dark berries. Generous and chunky, with depth. One for big meaty matches.' RM; 'Bold, warm and fruit-forward, with a lingering spicy finish. Beefy.' MM; 'Heady dark chocolate and blueberry, but quite prominent oak handling.' JC
91Bodegas ValencisoValenciso Reserva 2014Rioja ReservaBoutinot
Price £13.50
Mascarpone cherries, raspberries, plums and sage. Sweet spices and coconut.' MW; 'Meaty, earthy roasted cocoa beans, but generous red and black fruit. This would be great with steak.' RM; 'Ripe fruit profile - plums and strawberry compote with fresh mint, nutmeg and baking spices.' BB
90Bodegas BilbainasViña Pomal 106 Barricas Rioja Reserva 2017Rioja ReservaCodorniu UK
Price £10.92
Blackberries and black tea with gentle cedary notes. Good complexity.' ALM; 'Rerdcurrants, strawberries and oak. This has good acidity and is well-integrated.' JvH; 'Supple tannins, spice and sweetness. Great gastropub wine.' MR
90C.V.N.EViña Real Reserva 2016Rioja ReservaHatch Mansfield
Price £12.29
Appealing nose. Fruit is ripe, but not too baked or extracted. Juicy palate, with racy acidity and firm tannins.' MM; 'Bright red cherries. Pleasant and pretty.' RM; 'Smoke, plums and dill. Well-rounded with good structure.' MW
90C.V.N.EImperial Reserva 2017Rioja ReservaHatch Mansfield
Price £17.51
Richly oaked style, but there's a lovely freshness on the palate. Succulent fruit framed by smooth tannins.' JC; 'A ripe but fresh profile, with strawberry and plum tart and layers of mint and baking spices.' BB; 'Dark and savoury, concentrated fruit with lots of American oak influence. I'd like to see this age.' MW
88Bodegas BilbainasViña Pomal Rioja Reserva 2015Rioja ReservaCodorniu UK
Price £8.64
Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with fresh, sweet spices. This is very good for this price.' MS; 'Red cherries and cassis with gentle herbal aromas - spices and green tobacco Good for by the glass.' ALM
88Bodegas OndarreRioja Reserva 2017Rioja ReservaHallgarten & Novum
Price £10.69
Ripe, but fresh profile, with strawberries, plums and mint. Pleasant.' BB; 'Subtle aromas with some secondary notes and chalky tannins. Good fruit to oak ratio.' RM
88Familia TorresAltos Ibericos Rioja Reserva 2014Rioja ReservaFells
Price £11.05
Baked strawberries, toast and herbs - dill and mint. Bit too much oak on the finish.' MS; 'Sour cherries and strawberries with cinnamon. Quite pronounced oak but it delivers for the price.' MR
88Bodegas de La Marquesa ValserranoValserrano Reserva 2016Rioja ReservaDavy's Wine Merchants
Price £14.28
Intense flavours of red fruit - cherries, strawberries, cranberries - with a long finish.' MS; 'Juicy fruit and leather, with a herbaceous note. Ageworthy.' MR
85Bodegas OlarraDehesa De Gazania Reserva 2017Rioja ReservaMajestic Wine
Price £7.92
Up-front bright flavours. It's simple but well-defined.' JC; 'Over-ripe red fruits with smoky dried herbs like rosemary and nutmeg.' BB
85La Rioja AltaViña Alberdi 2016Rioja ReservaArmit Wines
Price £12.90
Strawberries, smoke, mushrooms and chocolate powder. Fresh, herbal and really expressive.' AG; 'Red and black fruit, pepper and licorice.' MS
85Torre de OñaFinca Martelo 2015Rioja ReservaArmit Wines
Price £22.00
Woody lactones sit on top of the fruit. It feels over-ripe and tired.' JC; 'Dusty stewed fruits. More age here.' MW
84C.V.N.ESeleccion del Sumiller Reserva 2016Rioja ReservaHatch Mansfield
Price £9.87
Red fruits, cedar and cloves. It's oaky but well integrated.' AG; 'Red cherries and tobacco leaves. Quite grippy.' ALM
82Bodegas BilbainasEderra Rioja Reserva 2016Rioja ReservaCodorniu UK
Price £7.54
Brambles, oak and a hint of bitterness.' JvH; 'Strawberries, red cherries, vanilla - maybe used oak chips?' MS
94Bodega ContadorBenjamin Romeo La Cueva de Contador 2016Rioja GenericoOeno Group
Price £61.81
Rich and decadent nose. Tannins are prominent, but extremely well formed. Needs time.' JC; 'Dense, chocolatey nose - meaty and complex, full of black fruits and tobacco. Like a black stallion - power and elegance.' MM; 'Ripe fruit, rose petals and pot pourri. Good quality.' BB
93LalombaLalomba Finca Valhonta 2017Rioja GenericoEnotria&Coe
Price £79.18
Red cherries, raspberries and cranberry tart.' MW; 'Harmonious, alluring and sultry. This is a top wine from a top producer with top quality fruit.' MM; 'Chocolate, dense fruit and grippy tannins. Hauntingly long finish.' RM
92Ramón BilbaoLimite Sur Ramón Bilbao 2017Rioja GenericoEnotria&Coe
Price £13.31
High-toned and mineral nose. Crisp red fruit. Subtle. The quality is evident.' JC; 'Juicy and appealing. There's a lot of definition to balance the generosity of the fruit.' MM; 'Juicy strawberry profile with mint and eucalyptus. Good quality. This would be good for Group Dining' BB
92Ramón BilbaoRioja Mirto Ramón Bilbao 2015Rioja GenericoEnotria&Coe
Price £34.43
Complex wood oil and spice note with maturity on the palate. Complex and alluring.' JC; 'Smoky, meaty and earthy. A mix of fresh and dried fruits. Elegance, balance and complexity.' RM; 'Ripe fruit, herbs, cinnamon and nutmeg. Balanced, good quality wine.' BB
91Bodega ContadorBenjamin Romeo Rioja Predicador 2019Rioja GenericoOeno Group
Price £25.55
Prominent tannins, but a long finish of charming, bright fruit.' JC; 'A muscular but approachable body - it's firm but with an incredible finesse to it. Promising.' MM; 'Earthy hints, chalky tannins and chocolatey hints. It's chunky but would be great with food.' RM
90Ramón BilbaoRioja Edicion Limitada Ramón Bilbao 2018Rioja GenericoEnotria&Coe
Price £12.56
Bold and generous with good structure. Fresh acidity, fine tannins and a long finish.' RM; 'Tangerine, tarragon, raspberries and cherries.' MW; 'Strawberry compote, rose petal and spices. Good quality.' BB
85Bodegas ValencisoValenciso Cemento 2018Rioja GenericoBoutinot
Price £12.00
A ripe, juicy profile. Strawberry jam flavours, but fresh and balanced.' BB; 'Wild and slightly ferrous on the palate. A game, refreshing red.' MM
85Abel MendozaJarrarte Oak Aged 2018Rioja GenericoAlliance Wine
Price £20.00
Smoked meat, tarragon, bacon fat and cherries.' MW; 'Nice structure here, but the fruit is hollow and over-ripe.' RM
84Castel FreresMas Fleurey 2021, Cotes de Provence, FranceRoséCastel Freres (£8.78)Good for the price.' IS; 'Melon and slate with a silky texture, but the alcohol seems a touch high.'
85ChakanaNuna 2021, Lujan de Cuyo, ArgentinaRoséFells (£9.85)Lovely colour and a bright nose of strawberry fruit. Modern, clean and balanced.' JP; 'Good flavours, but quite sharp acidity. Would work well with food.' MB
86Lyme Bay WineryPinot Noir Rosé 2019, Crouch Valley, Essex, UKRoséLBW Drinks (£10.82)Raspberry and herbal characters. Quite intense and exciting.' DT; 'Secondary characters with a long finish. Off-dry.' KK
86Bodega de SarriaVinedo Cinco Rosado Garnacha Vinas Viejas 2021, Navarra, SpainRoséBoutinot (£8.20)Vibrant deep pink, with a squashy red fruit palate, but could do with more depth.' JP; 'Full flavoured with morello cherry flavours and nice grippy tannins.' GS
86Chateau KsaraNuance 2021, Bekka Valley, LebanonRoséBerkmann Wine Cellars (£11.00)Closed nose, but quite full flavoured blackcurrant leaf on tha palate. Grippy and spicy.' GS; 'Fruity and quite zesty, with a long finish.' SP
87Feudi di San GregorioVisione 2020, Campania, ItalyRoséHallgarten & Novum Wines (£14.89)Pale copper colour, subtle stone fruit and floral notes with a distinct minerality. Would be good on a preservation system.' JP; 'Oakier, more oxidised notes in here. Quite high acidity, but good length.' GS
87Chateau PigoudetPremiere Rosé 2020, Coteaux d'Aix en Provence, FranceRoséCastelnau Wine Agencies (£9.34)Clear and bright with raspberry nose and palate - decent length.' GS; 'Pale pink, fresh fruits. It's balanced, but with a slightly short finish.' KK
87Bodega de SarriaSenorio de Sarria Rosé Garnacha & Graciano 2021, Navarra, SpainRoséBoutinot (£7.50)Bright pink, with plenty of fresh fruit and good intensity. Quite complex.' KK; 'Raspberry, liquorice and herbs, but acidity on the finish is quite sharp.' DT
87Bodega ArgentoOrganic Fairtrade Rose 2021, Mendoza, ArgentinaRoséMatthew Clark Bibendum (£8.00)Easy drinking with good depth and great value. I'd be keen to list something like this by the glass.' IS; 'Mellow palate - fruity and velvety with nice acidity. Good value.' DT
88Marchesi FrescobaldiAttems Pinot Grigio Ramato 2021, Friuli Venezia Giulia, ItalyRoséWaddesdon Wine (£11.42)Pale, delicate and harmonious. Very refreshing and moreish.' JP; 'Very pale, subdued nose with a zesty, citrussy palate.' GS
88Chateau d'AstrosAmour 2021, Provence, FranceRoséMatthew Clark - Bibendum (£8.50)Very appealing salmon pink colour, with beautiful luminosity. A subtle nose, but lovely mouthfeel - this would be good by the glass.' JP; 'Good bouquet with strawberries, lychees and pears. Nice mouthfeel.' SP
88Maison GutowskiM-G Grande Cuvée 2020, Cotes de Provence, FranceRoséTop Selection (£15.37)Garrigue notes, herbaceous and spicy.' GS; 'Savoury and fuller-bodied. This needs to be balanced with food.' MB
89SauskaRosé 2021, Villany, HungaryRoséEnotria&Coe (£9.19)Pale salmon with a discreet nose. Clean, steely and modern. Nice florality on the finish.' JP; 'Cherry/raspberry fruit with a hint of minerality. Nice freshness.' GS
89Bodega InurrietaInurrieta Coral 2021, Navarra, SpainRoséŽBodegas Inurrieta (£9.99)Very pale, with an elegant peachy character. Unusual for Spain.' JP; 'Subtle, with a slight pithiness. Very enjoyable.' GS
89Domaine LafageMiraflors Rosé 2021, Roussillon, FranceRoséBibendum (£9.00)Appealing bright colour. Subtle, with a hint of strawberry and a steely attack.' JP; 'Good fruit, well balanced. Easy drinking.' SP
89Levin WinesGamay Rosé - Bio certifié 2017, Val de Loire, FranceRoséGreat Wine Estates (£8.20)Bright, pronounced fruit with a long finish.' KK; 'Deep colour, fruity and well rounded.' SP
89Susana BalboSignature Rose 2021, Uco Valley, ArgentinaRoséEnotria&Coe (£13.90)Nice light blueberry nose with good creamy complexity.' IS; 'Fresh, citrus and mineral. This is well-structured, though pricey.' GS
89Chateau Grand BoiseSainte Victoire 2021, Cotes de Provence, FranceRoséHallgarten & Novum Wines (£14.93)Nose is subtle with a hint of fruit and a touch of bitterness on the palate. Perhaps needs food.' JP; 'Fairly high acidity with a bit of tannic grip.' GS
90FiguiereMagali Signature Rosé 2020, Cotes de Provence, FranceRoséŽSaint Andre de Figuiere (£10.72)Well rounded and nicely balanced, with good acidity.' SP; 'Blossom and raspberries. Well balanced, with decent acidity.' DT; 'Lovely bright, pale salmon pink. Creamy palate with good mouthfeel.' JP
90Bodega InurrietaInurrieta Mediodia 2021, Navarra, SpainRoséBodegas Inurrieta (£8.99)Hot pink colour, with a rich, fruit salad attack. This would work well with charred meats. Ideal party/BBQ wine.' JP; 'Intense colour, and an interesting fruity nose full of candied cherries. Dry palate with high acidity.' DT; 'Fruity but balanced, and I like the finish.' KK
90Olivier CosteRosé Stars 2021, Pays d'Oc, FranceRoséHallgarten & Novum (£10.62)Nutty and textural, but also fresh and easy drinking. Delivers well for the money.' IS; 'Floral, elegant, pretty and fruit-forward. A crowd pleaser - good for by the glass.' MB; 'Only just pink. Subtle and delicate, but still with good length.' JP
90Chateau KsaraGris de Gris 2021, Bekka Valley, LebanonRoséBerkmann Wine Cellars (£9.00)Mouth-filling and mellow, with salinity on the finish. Excellent food wine.' JP; 'Powerful nose of herbs, apple blossom and candy. Quite high acidity.' DT
90Rumor RoséRumor Rosé 2021, Cotes de Provence, FranceRoséBibendum (£17.50)Very aromatic with gooseberries, grass and tropical fruits.' MB; 'Creamy soft-fruit attack, but some bitterness on the finish.' JP; 'Fruity and herbal with a long finish.' DT
91J. Chivite Family EstatesLas Fincas Rosado 2021, IGP 3 Riberas, SpainRoséEnotria&Coe (£17.95)Floral and balanced with a long finish. Price could be an issue, but it's very well made.' KK; 'Tart raspberries and cranberries with good structure. This would be great with food.' MB Well made, though the price could be an issue.' IS;
91Chateau La MascaronneRosé 2021, Cotes de Provence, FranceRoséNew Generation Wines (£13.40)Pale, with a candied fruit nose and nice acidity. This would be good for Group Dining.' DT; 'Bright, crunchy red fruit. Good for food-pairing.' MB; 'Strawberry sorbet with a long finish.' SP
92Chateau BelliniRosé 2020, Cotes de Provence, FranceRoséNew Generation Wines (£12.90)Appley, with an appealing hint of spritz on the palate.' JP; 'Well rounded and well balanced with nice acidity.' SP; 'Floral, elegant and delicate with good structure. A crowd pleaser!'MB
93San MarzanoTramari 2020, Apulia, ItalyRoséŽHallgarten & Novum Wines (£9.51)Interesting nose - sherbert and pink lemonade. Lots to discover in the glass.' MB; 'Complex and fresh, with a long finish.' KK; 'Great value warmer-climate rosŽ. Would be good by the glass.' DT
95Guerrieri RizzardiKeya Bardolino Classico Chiaretto DOC 2020, ItalyRoséNew Generation Wines (£8.86)Copper meets salmon colour, so could spark debate in a good way! Harmonious, with good length.' JP; ; 'Fruity and zesty, with minerality and a long finish.' SP; 'Good complexity and great flavours. So interesting. Really overdelivers for the price.' IS
96LalombaRosado Finca Lalinde 2020, Rioja DOCa, SpainRoséEnotria&Coe (£17.99)Pale copper colour, very appealing attack with flavours of white peach, apricot and orange blossom that really linger.' JP; 'Beautiful nose, this is delicate but with amazing structure and a long finish. Outstanding. It's expensive but worth it for the complexity.' IS; 'Apricots and peach blossom, this is delicate but complex, with a long finish.' MB