Is this eco bottle the future of wine?

Could the sound of tinkling glass, of razor-sharp bottle shards in your hallowed outside space and of RSI from lifting cases of half-kilogram bottles into the cellar all become things of the past?

A UK company is hoping that its new Frugal Bottle – made entirely from recycled paperboard – means that they might.

The bottle, with labels, logos and images printed directly onto the board, has just become available in the UK. It contains a Sangiovese/Cabernet/Merlot blend from Cantina Goccia in Umbria and is on sale to restaurants from Hallgarten Druitt Novum Wines.

‘Innovation in sustainability is something the wine trade sorely needs and this packaging helps us in so many ways,’ said Jim Wilson, Portfolio Director at HDN Wines.

In case you’re wondering how ‘wine’ plus ‘cardboard’ is a good combination, rest assured that the bottle contains a neutral plastic liner to hold the liquid.

It can’t, clearly, be chilled in an ice bucket, but after cooling in the fridge stays colder for longer due to the insulating properties of the cardboard. After consumption, both elements are completely (and cheaply) recyclable.

The manufacturers estimate that the product’s carbon footprint is six times lower than that of a glass bottle – not least because it is so much lighter to transport. The bottle weighs in at just over 80 grammes, five times less than a glass equivalent.

All of which means that while it might not necessarily be a great fit for white tablecloth restaurants, it could be a good addition to more relaxed venues, where eco-friendliness is important to the customers.

And of course, it’s easier on your back as well…

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